Saturday, April 9, 2011

Save Money on Home Improvements at Grossman's Bargain Outlet

Shopping at Grossman's Bargain Outlet has been a huge way for us to save money on home improvments on our multi-family home.  My husband, Nate, owns a 2-family home in Westfield, MA and we currently live on the 1st floor and rent the upstairs.  My husband has done almost all of the improvements to the home since he purchased it in 2005. He completely gutted the dining room and kitchen on the first floor and installed brand new flooring, appliances, cabinets, and counter tops.  On the second floor, he installed brand new cabinets and counter tops. 

Because there are 2 apartments, he has tried to save money whenever he can by purchasing "seconds" or other building materials that aren't quite as nice as what you would typically buy for a house.  Nate has been able to find a variety of good deals at Grossman's Bargain Outlet in Westfield, MA and Chicopee, MA.  A good example is the counter top in both of the kitchens.  It is laminate, but it is good quality and it looks really nice.  It has held up extremely well in the time that we have lived here and I think it is durable enough to last for quite some time. We have also been able to pick up some good deals on paint, lighting and tiles there too.

Here's the counter top from Grossman's that we installed in the downstairs kitchen

The military discount at Grossman's Bargain Outlet in Westfield and Chicopee is 10%.   


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  2. UPDATE: Mr.Dowd responded to my email again. He would like it to be clear that Grossman's supports our military and always has. I did in fact "read into" his email. I want to correct that because it is only fair to do so.
    Unfortunately, Grossman's near my home does not offer a discount.
    I appreciate that Mr.Dowd took the time out to pay attention to my request and emails.
    It shows great professionalism on his part.

  3. I have voluntarily removed my first comment in the interest of fair play.